Who lives at Noraccom? Noraccom residentS ARE:

  • adults who have a mild intellectual disability
  • eligible for the adult Disability Support Pension through Centrelink
  • encouraged to work in a paid or voluntary capacity, or attend a day placement


OPTIONAL recreational activities INCLUDE:

  • Diamond Valley Actors
  • Special Olympics
  • Greensborough Ten Pin Bowling
  • Nillumbik Social Connections
  • Hi-City Social Club
  • local Church programs
  • swimming and gym at Watermarc, Greensborough
  • family activities
  • rostered responsibilities at Noraccom, such as sweeping, clearing the table, stacking or emptying the dishwasher, putting out the bins, helping with food preparation


RESIDENTS HaVE a level of self-help skills ALLOWING semi-independence. THESE INCLUDE:

  • dressing and personal care and hygiene
  • personal laundry
  • keeping their room clean and tidy
  • handling money
  • ability to live cooperatively in a shared environment


How is Noraccom staffed?

Noraccom employs a part time manager, and a number of part time and casual care workers who provide daily support to the residents between 4 pm and 7.30 am the following day. Currently, care workers are rostered over a meal shift (4 pm – 8 pm) and a sleepover shift (4 pm – 7.30 am). The sleepover care worker sleeps on the property and is available in times of emergency. However, the sleepover carer is not on active duty between 10 pm and 6.30 am. Staff tasks include managing medication for the residents as required, preparing the evening meal and generally prompting residents in their daily tasks.

How is Noraccom funded?

Noraccom receives no government grants. 
Incoming residents make an initial interest-free loan to Noraccom to cover capital costs. These loans are repaid, less management fees, when residents leave.
Noraccom’s running costs are met predominantly by fortnightly payments that residents make from their disability support pensions. The percentage of the pension is set annually by the Committee of Management. In recent years fees have been 77% of the pension plus rental assistance allowance. Optional services used by residents, such as taxis, room cleaning and personal telephones, are an additional cost to residents but are subsidised by Noraccom. Noraccom derives other income from fundraising, philanthropic grants and donations.

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